Our Constitution-Classic Fail

Have you ever read it? Willingly, I mean. No? I’m not surprised .You’re really not meant to. The fewer people who know about the constitution the better and the less they know, the better. So, if hardly anyone knows or cares, why bother? Does it make any difference? Well, if the aborigines want to be included, and others want a Bill of Rights,  some must think it has relevance. And then there are the Republicans. So let’s have a look, and a think.

The constitution is basically the rule book. Out of squabbling colonies, pro- and anti- free traders, came a compromise. New Zealand said “no thanks” and WA almost did. After several public meetings, what we have now was agreed to and in 1900, became UK law, That’s where the problems began. In 1901, Victoria died and, it seems, without giving Royal Assent to the bill. Despite this legal aberration, not corrected until 1917, the colonies went ahead anyway. Typical Aussies.

Like all compromises, there were flaws. The new entity, Australia, would be governed by three tiers: the High Court, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The colonies became states. This threw uniformity out of the window; the most absurd example being railway gauges: each state had its own, narrow or broad, so at the borders, rolling stock had to be changed which became a massive impediment to transportation. These differences were, and still are, repeated across the gamut of state and federal powers. Australia does not have a uniform health, education and legal system. How confusing are the road rules?.

Sitting on top is the High Court, supposedly a separate entity under the concept of separation of powers. But is it? Parliament determines appointments to the bench which, as in the USA, means political bias. The electorate has no direct say. The same is true of the appointments of Governors-General and many other taxpayer funded positions. But the biggest weakness is that the HC cannot initiate anything. Despite being the final word on the legality or otherwise of laws passed by Parliament, they have to wait until a law is challenged. Forget “The Castle” – have you any idea how much this costs? It is beyond the financial resources of most voters who are affected by these laws. In short, the HC is nothing more than a forum for vested interests to influence legislation. One example will suffice:

In the post WW2 era, the USA flooded Europe with cash to rebuild. Out of generosity? Don’t you believe it. To reinforce this, they created the World Bank, the IMF, and the Central Bank system, all responsible to the US Congress. In the 1950s, Ike leant on both Menzies and Evatt to set up an Australian central Bank which they duly did in 1959 with the Reserve Bank. Up until then, these responsibilities, of stabilising the currency and  regulating interest rates, had been vested to the Commonwealth Bank and overseen by parliament – usually, the treasurer. This structure was the brainchild of Senator King O’Malley (Tas) who also initiated the foundation of Canberra, and complied with the federal powers of the constitution. The 1959 Act undid this and led to the sell off of the CBA by the Keating Government – another disaster. Now, the so-called “independent” RBA owes allegiance only to the US dominated Central Bank system, run by the US Federal Reserve. When that act was passed, Australia became a US economic colony. This has never been challenged in the HC and should be.

The Parliamentary tier is another flaw. There is no way that our system can be remotely associated with the concept of “democracy” – one vote one value. Not one so-called democratic body complies with this basic principal. From the Senate ( the anomaly is obvious) to Local Government, democracy does not apply. The voting system as determined by Parliament (State and Federal) deliberately favours the two party system. Of late, voters have woken up to this fraud, but can only influence Upper Houses leaving the Lower Houses, which form government, largely untouched. Queensland is the exception having abolished their upper house with negative consequences.

It is easy to be critical, harder to propose alternatives. However, here goes:

  1. All taxpayer-funded positions must be scrutinised by non-parliamentary bodies who are themselves appointed by non-parliamentary bodies
  2. The HC must be able to scrutinise all legislation when passed into law by Parliament
  3. Reform of the AEC and the whole electoral system is long overdue
  4. There MUST be a standing Royal Commission with full legal powers with the brief to monitor the whole system, local government to the G-G.

thanks for listening

Tony Sadgrove



When MH370 was in the air just over 12 months ago, I heard reports saying that it had headed south into the Indian Ocean airspace. My immediate reaction was one of relief. I knew that Jindallee – the over the horizon radar system developed by Australians and funded by taxpayers – would have no problem locating it. Jindalee exists to provide an early warning system to protect Australia’s west coast. Given the current height of tension in regard to the problems in the Middle East and Afghanistan, and Australia’s role, it was obvious that if any attack were to come, it would be from the North West.  MH370 camk from the NNW and flew through Jindalee’s range for 4-6 hours. That’s if what we have been told is the truth, of course.

There are 3 options:

1. That the plane did not fly across the southern ocean.

2. That the plane did fly across the southern ocean

3. That Jindalee was non operational at the time.

I posted this on twitter at the time, was ridiculed by some (so, now you want to blame Abbott for MH370) but some ask questions.

One, who not be identified, asked to switch to IM and we then had the following discussion:

(me) so do you agree with my point?

(WB) YES I do agree. If you could see what I have seen out there. Australians are like sheep. LIEs Lies Lies.

(me) thank you – journos and pollies read #auspol the Q needs to be asked – why did J not see the plane? who ordered it?

(WB) the staff in NT OTHR were instruct to report on certain things and ignore certain things.

(me) by whom?

(WB) Alice is strange anyway. Half the town is American only they keep mostly to themselves. Starlifters every second day. SpyCity.

The whole project was weird in the way it was run. Personell would disappear overseas and not tell anyone where they were going.

Funny thing was they didn’t act like scientists either. They were like men in black. Always Believe you me. They would have detected mh370 if it were there. Do you think the yanks would let that one slip through? LOL

(me) Jindalee is not run out of Alice – the radar there can patch in – are you suggesting the US control J?

(WB) Alice is where people who worked there lived. I LIVED WITH THEM IN THE SAME HOUSE!! There was a transmitter and receiver ….

I even had a girlfriend who was from Isreal in Alice whose father worked with OTHR at Hearts Range.

Also we used to have a few visitors who were Israelis. I found that a bit strange. There was a lot of them.

I knew who was military because I was raised at Vandenberg Airforce base California. I know who is military or not

The personel I lived with in Alice had frequent visitors. BBQs and stuff from American guys who were not military.

At Jindalee and Hearts Range. I have been to both installations many times. It is Australian Military but run by civilians.

(me) Conspiracy? Yea right.

(WB) Those people were killed for a reason. Terrorism is often about money not religion.

What I saw was astounding. Saw all the planes flying in with drugs. I was told t keep it quiet. Money talks no more

(me) J is a defence capability, not policing one – MH370 was a defence issue

(WB) Yes you are right. How do you know? I lived with these guys in Alice. They were told what to ignore. For sure.

I will try and find an answer to your question of you like. They can see about 2500 km of ocean in just one sweep.

Most scientists came from AWA Carnarvon WA where it was invented during Apollo Mission. And yes they answer to yanks as I said.

They sweep an enormous range and also short wave to avoid signals being blocked by China and Russia. (do you understand?)

Opinion? We will see. How can Abbott assume people are stupid despite advances in communication. He is in for a big shock. God Bless

(me) up to you – i have no problem with it

May 30

Sorry I was hoping to get back to you sooner but still waiting to jear back from my Dad.

Did I say jear…knowing my father there will be jeers for asking him.

(me) ok – rumblings are just starting with the search called off

(WB) Lol. Have been informed it could be out of range because the altitude of the ionosphere changes and has to be higher than normal

However. All data was collected for that day and sent for analysis. They see everything but it is an enormous amount of info.

Because the short wave band is sweeping there can be interference from reflected longer frequencies (up to 7.5Hz)

This creates blind spots which the scientists have to analyse.

Found in November to give drones time to change the black box to the phony one. 32.5 latS 93 long. Cost.187million. What Jet? Clowns.

the plane was within range for several hours – if it was there, they saw it

How much of this is accurate? I have no way of checking but i do know two things:

1. Abbott stated: “we know where the plane is”

2. And then we got this from  Martin Dolan,chief commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, the ATSB, which is in charge of the search: re Australian radar  “It, ah…wasn’t aimed there at that time. And that’s all I can say.”

Jindalee is fixed. Its position cannot change. Originally I postulated that J had be looking for asylum seeker boats, but, no. It is always looking the same way. Mr Dolan has lied. Jindalee WAS aimed there at the time, it had to be. Note: he does not claim any system failure.

So which of the following is true?

1. That the plane did not fly across the southern ocean.

2. That the plane did fly across the southern ocean

3. That Jindalee was non operational at the time.

We can rule out #3 leaving us with options 1 or 2 and therefore, bureaucrats and politicians lying to us. And we pay their wages!